Roof Inspection Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX

If you have lived in Texas for any length of time, your home has more than likely been affected by severe storms which include hail, high winds or even worse. In most cases, identifying damage is very difficult for the average homeowner. It takes a trained and experienced eye to identify damage and to know if it is enough or requires a call to be made to your insurance company.

This is where we may be able to help.

What are the benefits of having an inspection by L.R.C. instead of just calling my agent or my insurance company? There are many reasons why your home should be inspected before you call your insurance company:

  • We are trained to identify damage and depending on which insurance company you have, we will be able to determine with pretty good accuracy whether the damage will justify a claim being called in.

  • If you were to call in a claim without an inspection and there is not enough damage to cover your insurance deductible, then you will have a claim on your record, which may affect future claims by having you prove that the repairs were made. Here is an example: Your deductible is $1500.00 The adjuster inspects your property and determines that there is $1600.00 worth of damage You receive a check for $100.00 ($1600.00 - $1500.00 (your deductible)) You receive more damage from another storm and the adjuster comes out again and determines that there is a "Total Loss" and therefore will buy you a new roof, but you cannot prove you made the repairs from the last claim so here is what that result is - $10,000.00 (new Roof) - $1500.00 (deductible) - $1500.00 (previous repairs not performed) = $7,000.00!! See how this becomes a problem?

  • When we inspect your property, we give a very detailed Damage Assessment Report outlining all the damage we have found with pictures. This makes us very familiar with your property and the damage that you may have and will help us determine if you have enough to call in a claim.

What are the benefits to having L.R.C. involved with me and my insurance company?

  • We understand the insurance process. We work with homeowners and insurance companies every day, it is how we make a living, so we understand what you, the homeowner wants and what the insurance company needs. We basically speak the language of the insurance company. We have licensed insurance adjusters on staff (in fact, one of the owners is a 10 year Catastrophe Adjuster for State Farm) and are homeowners ourselves so we completely understand both sides of the claim.

  • We understand the confusing insurance paperwork. Insurance paperwork for a claim can and is very confusing – Kind of like stereo instructions! We are able to use the same programs that the insurance companies use to be able to be on the same level to help you get the repairs done.

  • We actually meet with your insurance adjuster on the day of your insurance inspection. We are able to discuss your damages and work to ensure that you get a fair claim. As we will already be familiar with your property, we are able to "Point out" the damages we feel are in need of repair. Basically we "represent" you to the insurance company and work on your behalf. You wouldn't go to court without a representation, why should you not have representation when it comes to your property? The adjuster represents the insurance company, who will represent you?