Exterior Remodeling Services in Fort Worth, TX

Real estate agents like to say that the three things that determine the value of a house are location, location and location. But they also talk about “curb appeal” the impression a house gives when you first approach it. It also helps determine value and makes a house feel like home.
That’s where an exterior face-lift comes in. At the very least, this type of remodel can correct previous design mistakes. Something as basic as using new paint colors can update an outmoded home. A plain exterior can be made more distinctive by adding a package of coordinated trim. Inappropriate siding treatments that horrible diagonal planking of the 1970s comes to mind can be replaced with something more appropriate for your home. Or you can go for the truly dramatic by adding porches or dormers to totally change the character of your house.
Home remodeling can be one of the most stressful things you do in your life. Before you begin your project, there are quite a few questions you need to ask, the top one being, do I do it myself or do I hire a professional contractor. Let’s take a look at this question and some of the others you need to consider before you begin your home remodeling project. In knowing what questions to ask yourself or your contractor, you will get your project right from the start.

DIY or Hire a pro?

This one has to be the big question. You can do it yourself and possibly save some money or you can look to someone like LASCO Remodeling and Construction of Dallas / Fort Worth to help design and implement your dream home remodeling project. Let’s face it, unless you are blessed with unlimited time, a deep wallet and the skills and Construction knowledge of a pro, hiring someone like LASCO Remodeling and Construction makes perfect sense. A company such as LASCO can help you with all phases of your home remodeling project.

Is it Worth the Money I spend?

This is a good question. One thing you have to ask when doing a home improvement project is whether the money you put into your project is money well spent. The best answer to this is “Probably”. What you should expect from your investment is a “compounding” return. What is meant by this is typically, it will take 2 years to recoup 80-90% of the dollars you initially spend. Of course, the longer you stay in your home, the greater the return you will get on your investment dollar.

Where Should I Put My Money?

If looking for an investment that can help increase the value of your home while at the same time improving live-ability, the best place to put your money into is a kitchen remodel. It is estimated that a simple kitchen remodel will return 92.9% on your investment if you chose to sell your home within the first year. Whereas an improvement on the exterior such as siding, painting, fencing, windows, and outdoor living areas can punch up the curb appeal and return 92.8% of your investment after the first year. Companies such as LASCO Remodeling and Construction can be counted on to make your improvement not only an enjoyable experience but also one that will create top dollar return on your investment.
So when planning your remodel consider these tips to increase the value of your home and end up with a beautiful finished product to enjoy.
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